Fotobunny: Jenya D with her Big Beautiful... Eyes! lol

Jenya D with her Big Beautiful... Eyes! lol

Posted on 04/23/2009

She is not a webcam model but she's definitely worth mentioning here. Some of you must know her already and for those ones who doesn't... you haven't lived if you haven't seen this beauty...

Jenya D and her big assetsJenya D and her big assets
She's a very attractive brunette girl with great body and big natural tits. Playboy's girl of the month, but currently only in her own country. She's also one of met-art's top 10 models.

I don't think i need to explain what is met-art do I??? Ok, if you are not joking and really don't know...

MET (Most Erotic Teens)-Art is the biggest site with tasteful professional erotic photos. There are thousands of photosets and a few hundred videos of stunning girls from all over the world. Of course there are not just teens (I don't think you would like your favorite models to be fired after they got to 20 ) but all the models are young and pretty and fully naked, which is pretty important too .

Jenya D, Ukrainian BabeJenya D, Ukrainian Babe
Anyway... finally something about webcams! (hope the link isn't too tenous...)

MET-Art has a related website where you can see the same stunning girls live. Some of them only work on webcams and some actually do photosets for MET-Art too. And metmodels girls make few free public shows for MET-Art members daily.

Actually, this is kind of an important point... If you are a member of you can join in for FOUR HOURS OF FREE NUDE WEBCAM CHAT every day! sorry for shouting there, but I thought it was worth shouting about! These are not hardcore nude chats, but they are very nude and very sexy... (I'll try and put some more info and screen shots here from some shows tomorrow)

Finally back to our Jenya....

There are really 3 reasons why she's so popular: Firstly she has a very cute smile and the 2 other reasons you can see yourself

A little more about her:

Her real name is Evgenia or just Jenya
She is from Ukraine
She was born 30th of March 1983
Her height is 5'5 (167 cm)
Her weight is 105lbs (49kg)
She has black hair and green eyes
Jenya D, Ukrainian BabeJenya D, Ukrainian Babe
I'm not sure about her bra size but i think photos describe it better then some silly numbers And on you can see her totally unwrapped Maybe you can see some special feelings for her in my post. All I can say for that... Yes i'm definitely in love with her and specially her amazing TITS eyes

I have two photo galleries of her to add to my site, which hopefully I'll do tomorrow.

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