Fotobunny: Webcam Girl Ducky: Your Future Sexretary

Webcam Girl Ducky: Your Future Sexretary

Posted on 04/21/2009

Here we have an extremely hot Czech brunette girl who is looking for a job as a secretary. She says she's Angelina and that she's 22.

secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?
Not convinced yet? You haven't seen her experience list! This is what she says about herself:

my field of experience is not small;) I like paper work and when I must stay late and you come behind me, look at what I am doing, start to touch my sexy ass, down my legs and back to my ass, it is so easy to take off my panties... Hmmm great paper work... What do u think? Or when I am making a call, I spread my legs, and you can see that I'm not wearing panties today, just teasing you... Or when I have to copy any papers, I sit on the copier and copy my ass and sweet pink tight pussy, and put it behind papers that you wanted ;) Or when we just end our work and we are so horny, I spread my legs on my work desk just for you so we can cum together.......
secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?
I don't have any company but i'm ready to create one only to have her as a secretary! FotoBunny Inc.

secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?
She often works behind the desk or on the desk. You are a boss so you decide... If you have some special requirements about her work outfit you have a lot to choose from. You can ask her about any kind of clothes or underwear, stockings or heels... She's always wearing glasses, that I personaly find very sexy.

She's very professional at using many types of toys and beads... Like every good secretary she's very smiley, chatty, polite and seams to love her work! She really loves it a lot so often takes some work home with her.

Then she's working lying on her bed in underwear but still wearing those sexy glasses. And of course she wouldn't mind her boss visitting her to check if she's doing everything right.

secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?
So if you have a job for her in your company you can meet her on and invite her for a interview...


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