Fotobunny: Webcam Girl: 19HoTLADY

Webcam Girl: 19HoTLADY

Posted on 05/26/2009

As I haven't written much here recently i thought I had better some real thought into this one! and hey... I've even captured and put a video for you here! I was in looking on yesterday and for some reason this half naked girl in free chat caught my attention! 19HotLADY

She seemed a bit trigger happy when it came to pasting those pre-defined messages as many girls seem to do, but when she said:


...she really wasn't kidding! Of course joining a girls fanclub as a totally new member is realy win-win for everyone. secret hint of the day when you join a girls fanclub or have your first private with a girl as a new member she makes more money from you! You will then be her Bounty Member . The really good side of it is that girls really do take notice of guys (who's text is) in black because they want you to sign up! anyway... checkout the vid...

She claims she is Brigitta (Brigitta!? really? lol) from London, but hey who knows...! Her profile isn't really worth reading too much unless you want to try and work out how much of it she stole from 22HotBrunette ! So instead here are a couple more of her predefined messages that she kept pasing into her free chat every 20 seconds...

19hotlady: sound,zoom, 5 toys,10 fingers, ANAL,FIST and DP 4 fans,only15 No such file or directory isssssssssss FANCLUB, do it now,JOIN! and OMG price ONLY 1.79!

19hotlady: NEW members to CAMS COM, press the big ADD FUNDS button like you d spank my ass right now and u get 10,join fan for and you see all my nude hawwwt shows FREE ,dont make me wait boysi

Hope you like the photos of her all close up and personal . She seemed pretty sweet in free chat but alas I had no credits for a pvt...

Personally I also really like the photos at the top of her clothes modelling... not often you can have a pvt with a real model model!

Now I've worked out how to create flash videos I'll make sure to create some more and put them here...

OOPS! just realised I had a bug in my new video plugin which I've just fixed, that caused her photos to not show...


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