Fotobunny: Webcam Girl: CumBaby

Webcam Girl: CumBaby

Posted on 05/15/2009

Yep... CumBaby on her WebCam , is that a cool name or what! ok... slightly (very ) slutty but there's nothing wrong with that! What? you aren't looking for a webcam girl who is at least a bit slutty!

Slutty on the one hand while rather sweet looking with her long straight blonde hair and fondness (and mine!) for tartan skirts! This is another girl that I have had several pvt's with but I'll say this first... she never actually remembered that I had had a pvt with her before. So either she is forgetfull, doesn't care or is just too silly to use the model interface to add notes and/or look at it!

So in my opinion, she isn't the girl for you if you want a girl to remember all about you and send you messages but she is the girl for you if you want a fucking hot show to make you so hard you'll cum so fast you'll make a mess on the ceiling! (ok... that was pretty crude but I just couldn't think of a more tactfull way of saying it! )

I've never been in her Fan Club and I'm not sure I would join unless she gave a decent discount for Fan Club Members on her pvt shows, but of course you do get to watch all her recorded shows for free. But... watching a show she gave for another guy is never quite the same as making her do exactly what you want of course!

There's practically no info in her fanclub and her questionaire is empty apart from silly or automated answers, but do we really care? No! There are girls like Julie that I wrote a review of before that you do care about and want to read about (including her rather amusing story!) but with CumBaby you just want to Cum Baby ! (I'm sure I can hear Austin Powers somewhere in the distance...)

So... in some kind of summary... she has toys and she does DP , she looks pretty sweet and yet slutty at the same time. I've spent a load and blown my load several times with this girl and I would do it again...


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