Fotobunny: Webcam Girl: FallInLove

Webcam Girl: FallInLove

Posted on 05/14/2009

Finally some free time to write about another web cam model ... I added FallInLove to my ToDo list a while back... I just think she looks so cute with her puppy dog eyes!

She has ratings of 9.9/10 across for the board for Appearance and Good Show , etc, which is a good starting point! Her profile is a bit empty so I guess she would rather remain an enigma.

Boo! The bad girl hungry wolf here. Do not enter, i am gonna eat you Im so naughty... I cant keep my hands off... of myself.
She doesn't say where she is from, but personally I would place a reasonably large bet on her being Romanian . If she had mentioned being able to speak Italian I would ber 100% certain. Tip of the day... if a model says she is Italian, she is most likely from Romania...

She doesn't seem to use toys in her nude chat's, but all bets are off regarding her pvt's as I haven't had one with her. I'm trying to justify to my girlfriend that I should be allowed to have private's every now and again purely for research purposes! The jury is still out on that one...

She's been voted best Model of the Day 11 times which is not bad. She only has 34 fan club members at the moment, which I find surprising, though maybe not as surprising as that 22HotBrunette now has 600 fan club members! yup! 600 ! I noticed that today.

I'm sure I will have a pvt with FallInLove but I suspect all I might want to do is have a chat... of course I'll ask her to get naked first - I'm not totally stupid!

With eyes so big and cute smile like that I bet her pussy tastes like french vanilla ice-cream ...


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