Fotobunny: Webcam Girl: SexyAss (Yep! She has a Sexy Ass!)

Webcam Girl: SexyAss (Yep! She has a Sexy Ass!)

Posted on 05/02/2009

A SexyAss ! what else can i say?

This webcam model is really worth writing about. Her name SexyAss is spot on! That amazingly fit body, slender legs, firm breasts and shapely bottom will make anybody crazy. The fact she currently has 257 fan club members only confirms i'm right!

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!
So a little more about her... She says she's Nina, 26 years old and living in Greece. I haven't seen many Greek nodels on at all. She looks more Ukrainian to me but she is very exotic, so maybe Greek? She's been a web cam model for a few years already so must have a lot of experience

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!
I've been in private with this girl quite a few times and also used the Voyeur View feature on to watch her too. I can say she's definitely worth every penny. She's very active in private and has some nice toys. You can see her playing with her pussy , ass and even double pentration . Plus she does it all with a smile and the look of real pleasure on her face. She looks like she's actually enjoying it.

This is what she says herself:

Let me tell you a little secret. I just can not seem to ever get enough. I want more and more and more. Yes, you are right, I am soooooo HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every webcam girl will tell you they are always horny but this time I think she's telling us the truth.

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!
There's one more thing you need to know. She's a hot headed one! So don't make her mad or you will regret it! LOL Her english is very good and even better when it comes to slutty words so don't forget that all the models have a ban button... and they can ban you in a heartbeat if they want to!

By the way... about making webcam girls mad...
my girlfriend often says that the more a guy is nice to her and makes her like him, then the better show she will give and that fucking my brains doesn't get me wet! so remember that! You want a really real show? then be nice!

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!
You must know of 22HotBrunette by now, who says:
You can fuck my pussy you can fuck my ass...But do not fuck my brains!
So be nice and have fun!


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