Fotobunny: Amusing Sexual Fantasies

Amusing Sexual Fantasies

Posted on 08/07/2009

All of these are real fantasies posted on a certain website. I do apologise for the lack of any photos in this post, but sometimes I think most of these paint quite a picture!

i want you to catch me dressing up and tease me with your strap on while you laugh at me playing with my little dick while wearing pantyhose
i would like you to humiliate my small penis. You can invite your girlfriends to participate. Make fun of my cock and have fun at my expense. Please be into this if responding.
can someone plz just make fun of my small dick?
Really? Ok... small penis humiliation fantasies do seem quite popular for some reason, but I think thats more than enough!

Any girl wanna make me shoot my cum in my own face? Cock above face... Never tried it! Shy about it..
Interesting! I hope he washes afterwards...

Hello, I really want to see girls masturbating with plushie toys, putting the plush between the legs, and see too couples (or treehomes) fucking over teddy bears or plushie toys
I get so hard seeing you in the sluttiest, trashiest make up. Bright lipstick, eye shadow, mascara...seeing on you makes me cum
I get off watching you play for me while you call someoneelse who does not know you are naked for me.
My gf has pretended to phone someone before while in a pvt...

Dear Mistress I have been a very naughty boy...I stole some Ladies panties and stockings....perhaps you will make me wear them for you, then make me take them down when you spank me for being so naughty?
And if she's really lucky he'll also send her his webcam as then there's a good chance she'll get more cash from the pvt...

have a pair of boxing gloves you can wear for me?i have a female boxing feitsh...let me see you pose and fight for me
Ok... I've never heard of a boxing fetish before.

fill ass up with real fresh cream till full
your sexy top into your ass
put a shoe toe first as far as you can into pussy
This one should be quite easy to fake. Always ask for a close up so you know they're not faking! what!?!? you thought they always do it for real just because they want to so much!?

Cream in ass, sexy top in ass followed by a shoe in pussy! A mobile phone in pussy is also a rather popular fantasy. I'll have to dig some of those out...

Would love to have a session with a host who has a freshly or recently fucked pussy. Turns me on to think of sliding my cock in a warm, soaking wet, swollen and slightly loose pussy. MSG me!
more to follow very soon... -F.B.

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