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Posted on 09/17/2009

Well... there are two things odd with this posting. Firstly that I'm actually writing a webcam girl review after so long and secondly that this girl doesn't even work on webcam anymore!

She changed her profile just before leaving the site, but her profile used to say something along the lines of...

I will never take my panties off in pvt.

Why? Because it is not suitable for a young lady.

So with that I give you some photos of her! Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Photos
Of course you might notice something odd at this point... yep, she does take her panties off! These are only nude chat photos, so who knows what went on in her pvt's? Maybe more or maybe not.

The text in her profile that she left the site with is also quite interesting

Who am I? Just a flashback I had here much good time, meet some wonderful persons, but now it is time for me to leave. Ohh come on, don't show me that sad face. Sure it is pity I won't n't chance to talk to you, but it is million great things happens in my life, I don't want miss them while chatting with wankers Be good and remember me, and may be one day we will meet again

P.S. I would love to know you leave too, find good job, beautiful blonde and be happy in your life, but don't waste your time here We have only one life, are you sure you want live like this? Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Photos
I would place money on the fact that she did get naked when she first started working, but maybe realised due to her cute looks she could attract the kind of guy into her pvt's who was happy when she didn't get naked? These photos are old and so will have dropped off the normal set of nude chat photos available to her fans . What can I say, I hate to delete a good photo! Also, models have the ability to hide selected photos from display if they want to.

She left just less than a year ago (Oct 15th '08 according to her profile) and maybe she didn't expect her old naked photos to appear on the interweb?

So here's a lesson to any potential new webcam models ... once you'd worked as a naked model and your photos or videos are out there in the public domain, they are they to stay. On the other hand there is so much porn out there and so many photos of much higher quality the chance is really very very slim of anyone you know ever seeing them. Also you can always block people from your own location ever seeing you online working. Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Photos

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