Fotobunny: Errotica Photos: Big Breasts or Small Breasts?

Errotica Photos: Big Breasts or Small Breasts?

Posted on 09/08/2009


I thought while I was on a roll I should try and not be lazy and post a couple more galleries...

SO here you go. Jenni is naked in an outdoor pool right near the sea, which is either photoshopped or the bluest I have ever seen the sea... She has pretty much a perfect body with perfect smallish breasts. Cute face and lovely blonde hair. Call me picky if you like, but... while she does have a lovely pussy it's a bit flappy towards the (her) bottom.

On the other hand... Cathy has mahoosive bazookas ! So if that's your cup of tea you might just prefer her! She is photographed in the shower and her pussy looks fantastic with the water from the shower splashing off it. Hey... I only looked at the photos so I could describe them to you!

Ok... maybe putting them here is just a kind of excuse, but what the hell...


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