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Free Webcam Girls at

Posted on 09/24/2009

I was bored the other day so had a look to see if there was any domain names available with the word bunny in there somplace that i could register. I was quite surprised (but pleased) to find that was so of course I had to register it!

It's only a 1 page design for now but does show you thumbnails of the top webcam models from LiveJasmin who are online now. I wrote the php script that drives it for a friend and it seemed a waste not to use it myself! I suppose 3 sites is nearly the Fotobunny Network

The site will be developed over time with a bias to the best online webcam girls available.

Time to drop an affiliate link in... if anyone out there fancies becoming an adult webmaster and sign up under my affiliate id you would have access to the scripts I develop to save you reinventing the wheel. Also today LiveJasmin has just changed their program and is now offering 20% Lifetime Revenue for signups! Interested!?!?

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