Fotobunny: Models Search Engine now indexing again

Models Search Engine now indexing again

Posted on 09/11/2009

The Webcam Girls search engine that is should be working fully again now after the migration and upgrades. Ok... that makes it sound flasher than it really is, but I had a bunch of modifications to make and some performance issues to deal with. I am now able to update the list of models and their online status, etc, much more often and page load times should be better than they used to be.

Expect more improvments with the current implementation and performance in the coming weeks as well as extra functionality. My next job is to reindex photos for girls whose photos have gone out of date (thanks very much !)

Often girls work on many different sites, and sometimes it pays to choose the right site depending on what you want. For example you can send your webcam to the girl for free at LiveJasmin but not from and rates differ from site to site depending on whether you want a quickie or something a bit longer, so... I'd like to have the ability to link the same model 's profile from various sites and also link to other resources for the model , photos, videos, etc, across the interweb.

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