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Models Search now on

Posted on 09/04/2009

My new domain has been online for a couple of days now as the new home for my Webcam Girls Search Engine . As soon as i work out what TiBOD stands for I'll let you know!

Has just shy of 55.5K models in the database(s) now from , ImLive , LiveJasmin and JoYourself . There are too many duplicates between LiveJasmin and JoYourself which I will be fixing soon. When you view a model it will perform an ajax request to try and work out if the model is currently online and if so in a private ot not. I'll be adding this functionality for the other sites just as soon as I've worked out how to do it!

The database isn't currently updating due to the migration to new structure and setup, but should start again in a few days.

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