Fotobunny: More Amusing Sexual Fantasies

More Amusing Sexual Fantasies

Posted on 10/01/2009

Here's some more funny sexual fantasies captured from real requests from around the web... I thought that this time I'd also try and add some photos that relate to them, well some of them anyway! Not too easy finding photos for all of these!

put a mobile or cell or other phone fully up inside your ass
Who likes to see me play with my big and chubby belly? I like to jiggle my fat for you.

humiliate my lil 2 inch cock. slap me around and call me susan
Looking for a hot girl that has some big balloons and isn`t afraid to blow them up really big till they pop. You wanna pop for me?
A girl who her bf left her because she`s a goody two shoes.She was so pissed off,that she take a revenge by becoming the nastiest slut of the city,smoking,drinking and fucking to saw him what he lost
put a banana, no skin in ass and then eat it

Looking for a girl who will rip her shirt apart for me, totally destroying it. Dont have anything under, so that your tits bounce out wild and free.
smoke and lick the ash out of your hand
I love Enhanced breasts and love to talk about them. Nothing turns me on more than a beautiful woman with big beautiful breasts full of silicone or saline. If you have implants give me a shout!

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