Fotobunny: A not-so bad littlebadgirl, in fact not bad at all!

A not-so bad littlebadgirl, in fact not bad at all!

Posted on 03/09/2010

I don't reckon this cutie LittleBadGirl lives up to her webcam nickname too well. She's a cute, blonde webcam girl from imlive . Looks to me like her boyfriend took these photos, lucky lucky man... Mind you, that doesn't stop you from getting her naked in a private and she'll probably be willing to experiment with you (as a remote, stranger) than she would with her boyfriend anyway.

Mind you, this blog article is less about her and more about some interesting change made on imlive a couple of months back that now allows models to upload photos to their profiles rather than solely via their webcam.

While it doesn't seem interesting at first, as other webcam sites allow that (though only lets fanclub members or VIP's access the photos) it is when you realise that many girls have over 100 photos in their profiles, they're no holds barred and you can access photos for every webcam model. Yup! Lots of high-quality naughty webcam photos of all and every model you can find on imlive , not all bad really...

Photos seem to range from shy and modest cute shots like these to full on dildo-in-pussy type shots. There is of course one tiny catch - well there has to be one doesn't there? After registering your account you need to prove you are over 18 to access all these fantastic sexy photos and guess how you do that? The flip side is that you usually get free credits without paying a penny; at least I did when I signed up, but I suppose their offers must vary. But I can honestly say that I had no issues with giving them my credit card details and they have never taken a penny from it (outside of money I have explicitly loaded of course).

Right... I feel that this cute little thing does deserve a few words said about her, her photos are adorning this page anyway. Small tits, but really nice shape, a amazing body and just so so soooo cute! The kind of girl your parents would love you to bring home I would imagine, so long as they didn't know about her webcam job of course Just look at her pretty face looking up from her bubble bath. Could you really wank and cum in her face? Oh - you could? well me too probably, or maybe let her lean over, rubbing her tits covered in bubbles on the side of the bath making her nipples hard, so she can suck you cock (ok, I'm getting a little carried away here...)

These photos could well have been taken by her boyfriend, they look like they're taken at home. There's always the chance they were taken from a studio of course by a girl friend of hers and her boyfriend really has no clue of her sexy work online... Pick which ever fits your fantasies

I think I'd like to get her naked and pretend that she has a boyfriend who doesn't know about any of this. On the other hand, here's a gorgeously beautiful blonde webcam girl, who is ready and willing to strip out of her clothes with the single click of your mouse. and who doesnt need any fantasies added on to get me going...

Addendum... I just saw some of her pre-recorded shows and now I think maybe she lives up to her name better than her cute appearance had lead me to believe (damn me for not doing my research ahead of time!).

In one she zooms in on her spread-wide-open pussy (and an amazing looking pussy it is too) and sticks fingers in her ass in another. So maybe her nickname is just referring to her secret, naughty life as a webcam girl or maybe she really is a dirty webcam girl. Watch the videos yourself and decide!

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