Fotobunny: Cute Teen with Tiny Titties - Webcam Girl Arianna19 from Ukraine

Cute Teen with Tiny Titties - Webcam Girl Arianna19 from Ukraine

Posted on 03/14/2010

Every now and again you find a webcam girl like Arianna19 is almost just too cute. Where butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, who you just can't believe you have the chance to get naked and in real life probably wouldn't do even 10% of what she's willing to do on her webcam. Well, for me anyway, this Ukrainian cutie is such a girl.

And before anyone wants to ask Exactly where in Russia is Ukraine? It's not! It's possibly the country with the highest percentage of total babes in the whole world...

If I met her in real life I'm pretty sure I would fall her, get all mushy and hence into a lot of trouble. Thankfully though this is not real life. She's on the other end of a webcam, and for a few dollars I can take her for a private , get her naked, make her play with herself and ask her to act out all my dirty fantasties, hehe...

I can only imagine how soft her lips must be (and yes I mean around the end of my penis) or how her pussy must taste. There are still certain limits to webcam technology at the moment! Maybe one day they'll add taste-o-vision once they've perfected 3D .

I know there's a lot of photos here but I couldn't decide which ones to leave out, so tough, you'll just have to scroll a bit harder... These next ones are where I found her in her freechat. Suddenly 50% of the blood from my head transferred itself to my other head, which was suddenly very awake.

Possibly only seeing her face only added to the tantalizing possibility of getting her naked sometime. Too often you see webcam girls with legs spread (the standard webcam girl pose) wearing see-thru panties. Don't get me wrong; it's a very good pose! But at the same time makes an utterley gorgeous teen cutie like Arianna19 , just sitting there as good as gold not showing off anything at all, so unusual and tempting.

I can just imagine her telling her boyfriend that he can't touch her there and that she's not that sort of girl while a few hours later here she is really to strip for you and play with her pussy. Maybe she's a dirty girl in real life, who knows... The point is that most webcam girls are just normal girls, they don't put out in real any more than other girls just because of what they do on a webcam. So there's every chance of finding a girl on a sexcam leading a very double life... More chance than her turning out to be an actual-life-whore anyway. In fact I don't know of any girls who work as escorts or strippers in real life. Webcamming is just fun, sexy, otherwise separated from their real lives...

I enjoy my girlfriend working on her webcam and I like other guys watching her. I would not let her work as a stripper, lap-dancer, escort or anything else you can think of in the sex industry. I won't even let her have nude photo sessions with other photographers. Getting naked on webcam is totally difference from those jobs. My girlfriend is as cute as pie in real life, but she can be your dirty slut or a daddy's girl on webcam if that's your fantasy and I reckon that Arianna19 is the same sort of girl...

I was thinking that Arianna19 looked too cute and sweet for me to spoil it by posting some naked photos of her... then I thought ah - fuck it! . To keep my conscence somewhat clear though, I have reduced the size of the nude photos a bit


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