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Posted on 01/03/2011

Wow... I have really neglected this site. I think I've created so many other websites that I forgot about my very first adult website - namely this one. Well... along with websites and general coding-geekiness I also love photography, and what could possibly be better than naked girls when it comes to choosing something to photograph. Put the two together and you have the recipe for my latest website... . But first... let me show you her gorgeous naked body...

Now it's not often I am allowed to put photos of Ms Fotobunny on the interweb... In fact the only time usually is when it's for her horny webcam fanclub members who love seeing sexy photos of her but when she decides that she wants to sell naked photos of herself, where people can get her (well me actually...) to write any message on her body then she has no choice but to have her naked photos on full public display - hurrah!

There is one catch of course - there always is... she won't show her face in any photo but I do get to show you some photos of her lovely tits, gorgeous pussy (btw the strip is only a few days worth of growth so she had to darken it a bit with a makeup pencil, sexy....) and her ass; and boy do i love her ass. Writing on her ass was the best bit actually. Well... best for me, worst for her. She is really very ticklish at the top of her ass. Of course this meant that (purely for her sake) the second lot of photos we did on her ass I made sure to write the message a bit further down, just about a cm away from her anus as it happens... lucky the makeup pencil didn't accidentally slip of course ;)

She'll write any message on any part of her body - or so she says. 5 bucks will get you a photos of her with your choice of message on whatever part of her body you choose. She'll do more naughty photos but a price would have to be negotiated for that. If you have a website you want advertising or you just fancy having a message written on her body then take a look at the site. We won't have a real website online for a few days, but chances are that by the time you read this we will have.

Maybe you want some fake naughty ex-girlriend pics to show you mates? Or just want to show that you are soooooo popular that your online girlfriends love to send you sexy messages written on their naked body? Whatever the reason I personally would love you to buy some photos, not because we'll make all that much money doing this, but because I love writing on her body and other people getting to see her naked

The last two photos of her tits are last not because she doesn't have great tits, personally I think they are absolutely perfect perky tits, and her nipples feel awesome in my mouth but... I managed to get the domain name wrong! I own and the client was asking for and somehow my brain stopped working the closer I got to her tits. odd that... ;) She also looks damn fine showing that gorgeous naked body to guys in her private webcam shows, putting toys in her pussy and ass, but alas I am not allowed to even give away her webcam model name here. But who knows... maybe you have had a webcam show with her at some time or another.

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