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Webcam Girl BonyLove: Blonde Beauty with Perfect Pussy

Posted on 04/17/2009

Now this girl really is a babe... BonyLove . She has gorgeous long soft blonde hair, fantastic body and a cute smile! See for yourself...

Blonde BeautyBlonde Beauty

Looking through all her nude photos, she doesn't seem to do anything too hardcore, but then again it doesn't really matter when she's this attractive! I only managed to find 2 photos at all with toys and I put one of them below. Also only managed to find a couple of photos where she actually puts her fingers inside, so if that's the kind of thing you're after maybe you want to try someone else.

Mind you, I could be totally wrong (as I've never had a pvt with her) as she does say in her profile:

i love anal,oral,dp,fingering pussy and ass ....5 fingers in pussy and ass,squirt squit squirt!!!

In fact that is pretty much all she says in her profile! But they do say that pictures speak louder than words! Personally I've never seen the attraction in squirting but I do know at least one friend who would disagree with me!

Blonde BeautyBlonde Beauty

She really does have a lovely pussy so I just had to include one close up. Lips (pussy) that really do look like the petals on an orchid. Soft and sweat I would guess, but who knows... apart from her boyfriend I would guess!

I really need to join her fanclub to watch her videos for free! I'm sure she must have enough stashed away on!

Which is a good point actually. When you join a models Fan Club you can watch as many of her show videos as often as you want to! for free! In fact I do really need to at least join my own girl's fanclub so we can both watch her shows (if I told you her online nickname I would have to kill you! unless she killed me first of course!)

Blonde BeautyBlonde Beauty

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Happy Easter!

Posted on 04/10/2009

What do you think about this Easter Bunny?

An Easter BunnyAn Easter BunnyAn Easter Bunny

She's a cutie and model too... I will add a review very soon

An Easter BunnyAn Easter BunnyAn Easter Bunny

Click on the thumbnails for bigger versions.

An Easter BunnyAn Easter BunnyAn Easter Bunny

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Webcam Girl Lollypop19: My girlfriend's favorite

Posted on 04/10/2009

Ok lets continue with cam girls

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

As she says, her name is Jenny, living in Russia and her age changes from 20 to 22 (maybe depends of her mood lol). Anyway looks much younger. She's the kind of girl I used to dream about when I was at school. Well I still wouldn't mind inviting her home for a cup of tea

Very cute face and fit body. Quite small breasts but even so she's got many things to catch your eye, just have a look! The view form behindis amazing!

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

She says about thing that turns her on:

Bubble baths and naughty talk =)

But she doesn't actually talk all that much. Can't say if that's a good thing or bad. Maybe she prefers action more? Or maybe she's just too lazy to type. But she's definitely not too lazy to work for her money. Isn't that what we are looking for? she has audio and a few very cute colorful toys...

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

Some more things to know about her in case one day you invite her for tea...

I like nice hot showers..together, a toasty warm bed, my special *naughty time* here, massages are sooo great, warm breath on my neck, *giggle*, getting naked and doing filthy then....

Nothing unusual but still sounds sweet. Very nice that a girl calls it naughty time instead of work !

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

I wish you lots of naughty time with Jenny

Oh nearly forgot... She also works on LiveJasmin with the name Vorgie19

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Webcam Girl 22HotBrunette: Quick Video

Posted on 04/09/2009

This is just a quick video of 22HotBrunette that I thought worth posting here:

Looks like this clip was made a while ago. Personally I think she just keeps getting better and better!

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Webcam Girl 22HotBrunette: Always Online!

Posted on 04/07/2009

Well, she's hot and brunette and though I doubt very much that she's 22 that really doesn't matter at all. Not that she doesn't look 22 of course, it's just that I never believe their ages in the first place and she has been online sometime now.

Oh... I just read her bio and see that she dosn't even claim to be 22 anyway!


Hey everyone, I m Anna, 24 y.o. from East Europe, Bulgaria .

I m a model here almost 2 years now, most of you guys know me already and wanted to thank you all for supporting me and for the good times spent together. I love my time here and I am online everyday, I kind of got addicted to it

Few things you should know :I like getting to know you a lil better before pvt ,makes it more personal but sometimes a quickie does the job also i guess

Hot and Brunnette, probably not 22Hot and Brunnette, probably not 22

Well I just checked and she now has 464 Fan Club Members! Wow! I'm not even going to try and work out how much she earns in a month, more than me that's for sure! lol... She's pretty expensive at 4.49/minute in private, in fact very expensive, but as she says:

Be sure that once you enter Pvt ,fan or non fan ,I will try my best to please you as long as you are reasonable

Fair enough then! Now I can't finish without mentioning that she is rather good at shoving in more than 1 toy at the same time, even in the same hole. Maybe that's why she has so many fans? Well, I guess it couldn't hurt... at least I hope not! I hope those toys are smaller than they look on webcam!

Hot and Brunnette and apparently now 24Hot and Brunnette and apparently now 24

If you can bear to look away from certain parts of her anatomy for a few seconds, you must admit that she is very attactive and has amazing eyes. Nice...

As if her age matters with photos like these!As if her age matters with photos like these!

Well... one thing I am totally sure of and that's that she deserves every penny (or dollar) that she earns! And one last last thing... I just checked and she is actually not online! About time!

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