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New Website

Posted on 12/10/2009

There's loads, probably millions, of sex tube type video sites out there on the interweb but not too many that specialize in videos of webcam girls so I picked up the domain name and thought I'd try putting one together.

The design will probably totally change as will th engine running it in the near future, but it already has loads of videos of gorgous webcam girls online.

Soon I intend allowing users to upload captured videos and photos but only of webcam girls. There are plenty of other sites out there if you want to submit other niche-porn-type-stuff.

Of course i couldn't create a blog entry without some tits of some description so here you go...

This is xINESCUDNAx from LiveJasmin . If you want any more info you'll have to go to her profile on LiveJasmin or TiBOD for now...

xINESCUDNAx Profile PhotoxINESCUDNAx Profile Photo

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View Online Webcam Models from Any Webcam Site on TiBOD!

Posted on 09/22/2009

We have just started displaying a 7x3 grid of thumbnails of online performers randomly chosen from the sites we index on TiBOD 's home page. As well as this there are 4 more pages available that display up to 140 thumbnails either randomly chosen from all sites or from just one of them!

Take a look!

We hope to include PeekShows , Streammate and PrivateCamz very soon.

Hoping to make TiBOD the easiest place to find your perfect Webcam Girl

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Models Search Engine now indexing again

Posted on 09/11/2009

The Webcam Girls search engine that is should be working fully again now after the migration and upgrades. Ok... that makes it sound flasher than it really is, but I had a bunch of modifications to make and some performance issues to deal with. I am now able to update the list of models and their online status, etc, much more often and page load times should be better than they used to be.

Expect more improvments with the current implementation and performance in the coming weeks as well as extra functionality. My next job is to reindex photos for girls whose photos have gone out of date (thanks very much !)

Often girls work on many different sites, and sometimes it pays to choose the right site depending on what you want. For example you can send your webcam to the girl for free at LiveJasmin but not from and rates differ from site to site depending on whether you want a quickie or something a bit longer, so... I'd like to have the ability to link the same model 's profile from various sites and also link to other resources for the model , photos, videos, etc, across the interweb.

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Models Search now on

Posted on 09/04/2009

My new domain has been online for a couple of days now as the new home for my Webcam Girls Search Engine . As soon as i work out what TiBOD stands for I'll let you know!

Has just shy of 55.5K models in the database(s) now from , ImLive , LiveJasmin and JoYourself . There are too many duplicates between LiveJasmin and JoYourself which I will be fixing soon. When you view a model it will perform an ajax request to try and work out if the model is currently online and if so in a private ot not. I'll be adding this functionality for the other sites just as soon as I've worked out how to do it!

The database isn't currently updating due to the migration to new structure and setup, but should start again in a few days.

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Two new Photo Galleries added

Posted on 04/16/2009

Well... it's been an annoying few days here as we've had no internet, apart from rather crap access using my mobile phone as a modem, so not much has happened here!

Anyway... I've quickly added a couple of New Photo Galleries to our pseudo members area .

Expect a real update here real soon...

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Welcome and thanks for having a look at my site

Posted on 04/07/2009

well, here we are... i've always wanted to start a blog about models and especially webcam girls because i love them so much!

over the last 5 years i've spent a fair amount of times paying for privates on webcam sites, all of which was purely for research purposes of course! no idea how much i've spent and i really don't want to think about it...

right now a few of my friends here work as webcam girls, so i get to see both sides, and both sides are pretty good! so here i'll be waffling on about anything and everything about models and webcam girls on the the good old interweb.

also i have started taking photos for some models and building websites, so this site just seems like a natural extension...

hopefully you'll find something interesting here sometime. hope so...

F.B. (aka Foto Bunny)

btw... i would have registered but that was already taken, damn it's getting harder and harder (ooeerr!) to find good domain names these days... so maybe i should be signing these as PB? well, FB will do for now...

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