Fotobunny: Webcam Girl Julie: Sexy Temptress

Webcam Girl Julie: Sexy Temptress

Posted on 04/29/2009

Time for a review of the wonderfull Webcam girl Julie now that I am getting some decent traffic to this site. Having had many pvts with her I can really speak from personal experience on this one! She is beautiful and sexy, always has audio and has a cute laugh! She also has a great taste in music, which is handy as she is always playing some!

Julie on Web CamJulie on Web Cam
She currently has 60 entries in her diary that you can read when you join her fanclub. Mostly in English but also some in French! It was a while ago last time I was in her Fanclub, so it's probably time for me to join again.

She prefers 1-to-1 pvt's to nude chat and personally I have never been in a nude (non-pvt) chat with her, but there again I don't actally ever remember going to a girl's nude chat anyway! She does have a gallery of nude chat photos, so she must do sometimes, unless of course she just goes into nude chat on when she is in a private with a guy from another site - a trick Webcam Models often use!

Julie on Web CamJulie on Web Cam
I don't normally like just cutting and pasting too much from a girls profile, but this is cool! Take it with a pinch of salt of course, but definately worth reading!

Now tell us about your fantasy sex encounter in detail

I am on a tour in a toilet paper factory. All of a sudden i have this urge to find the toilet. Once i get there i realize that there is no toilet paper. Damn. The group of tourists continue on their tour while i start on my own the chase for the toilet paper. As i walk down a darken hallway i notice a room where the light is on. I open the door and right before my eyes there is a man with his back turned to me who appears to be writing something in a notebook. ' Excuse me', i say. ' I am looking for some toilet paper', i say blushing. ' Oh, right there under the desk, young lady', he says pointing. As i go straight to the desk and bend over i pull up my skirt. 'I don't see any toilet paper here',i say while i turn around and i see the man against the wall with his eyes wide opened, his shirt untucked and pants unzipped touching himself.I suddenly feel this warmth between my legs and i realize that i left my panties in the restroom. 'Oh there is it', i exclaime.I brush myself against him reaching for the toilet paper that was on the shelf right behind man. I look at him from head to toes and smile. " Here is your toilet paper, sir', i say as i hand him a roll of paper and take one for myself.

A Toilet Paper Factory!!!! Really!?!?!

Julie on Web CamJulie on Web Cam
As I said before she likes good music. As I remember I heard her playing Jeff Buckley a while ago. Maybe this isn't your cup of tea? But it's a safer best it will be than some thrash metal or pop boyband crap. (I have nothing against various forms of Metal, just maybe not while trying to chat with a pretty naked girl?? )

Julie on Web CamJulie on Web Cam
She doesn't state in her profile where she is from or how old she is, so I suppose she can't complain when you ask her?

The final entry in her questionaire does sum things up...

How truthful have you been filling out all these extra questions?

I'm a player, baby!

Go and chat with her you won't regret it!


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