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Fire34Sexy, FireFoxy and YummyCandy - I love them all!

Posted on 12/26/2009

Of course they're all the same girl! I've already written about her aliases on LiveJasmin and and just now I found her on ! So here's some more sexy santa piccies for you... Why couldn't I find these piccies when I wanted some sexy santa photos yesterday!

To be honest I really don't think I have anything else to say about her that I haven't said before. She has a cute ditsy look about her and... Fantabulous Mahoosive Bazookas!

I still haven't had a private with her - but have seen quite a few more videos with her in! She's entered loads of Mad Video Competitions on ImLive that you can watch for free if you sign up. Here's the descriptions of the free (did I already say they were free to watch?) videos:

  • Have you ever had SEX on the BEACH?
  • That morning I woke up SOAKING WET...
  • TITTYFUCK, DEEPTHROAT, COCKRIDING, FUCKING DOGGYSTYLE - that`s what I`m gonna do to get the crown
  • I may look innocent but I`m WILD at heart...
  • Crazy ASS and TITS shake at the Carnival of SEX
  • Even SNOW QUEENS get in the mood for FUCK
  • NAKED NYMPHO in your hottub is all you want for Christmas
  • Our Sperm bank is open 24/7
  • Dracula`s New Bride is ready for her wedding night...
  • Schoolgirls (18y.o.) have never been THAT naughty
  • Bananas, cherries, a peach, whipped cream and me - wouldn`t you like a taste? :b
  • NUDE American Idol - What a crazy entertainment that might be! See what the audition for it would be like and be the judge
  • Sometimes when I`m all by myself, I dream you would tie me up and make me your beautiful prisoner
  • I`m your sexy flight attendant and I`m going ot attend to you :x
  • Let me tell you my wet story P

These videos you need to pay for:

  • EXTREME Close-Up of my pussy exposed. Made the guy cum within seconds - See if it does the same to you
  • are you a sucker for big tits? Take a look at me playing with my natural 34d`s - You`re gonna wuv it
  • wide spread legs. watch me fingering my wet pussy as I spread legs wide for you
  • playing with my ass doggystyle. watch me playing with my asshole while bending over and arching my back for you

Searching or them is easy. After typing her nickname into the search box on click on Content and they'll be there!

Fire34Sexy FireFoxy YummyCandy Webcam Girl

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Merry Fucking Christmas! Get my Girlfriend Naked

Posted on 12/25/2009

Naked Girlfriends are fantastic... sexy miss santa's are great... fucking your girlfriend in a sexy santa outfit right after she's given a naughty webcam show is the best!

She got me so hot and bothered while I watched her 2 feet away (just out of sight of her camera) the only possible outcome was my penis in her pussy. A tad crude - but couldn't see any other way of explaining it!

Not strictly a full Sexy Santa costume, just a red santa hat and a sexy white bra and pantie set with cute fluffy pom pom's attached. She stripped for him and then put three fingers in her pussy, followed by faking two in her ass. Good faking mind you - she is a pro! She's good at making two look like three sometimes (wish i could be that clever with money)

Unfortunately no piccies of my girlfriend here for fear of my balls being chopped off while I sleep...

While I can't give you a link to her profile here - I hope you find your own Sexy Santa Webcam Girl today... and I know that every guy who has a show from my girlfriend enjoyed every second of it!

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1HottDevora Webcam Girl from Livejasmin - Fantastic Tits, Fuckable Ass, Cute Smile

Posted on 12/24/2009

1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo

Webcam girl 1HottDevora gets top votes for me for her fantastic tits and cute smile . All I could think about was doing her doggy style while grabbing hold of those lovely tits . These two first piccies were grabbed from her freechat a few minutes ago.

You'll notice how she carefully managed to keep her nipples on display! While keeping a modicum of modesty ...

1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo

I searched the interweb for more photos of her for you and am including them all here, because quite frankly I couldn't decide which ones to leave out! So you'll have to excuse the massive interspersing of my waffle with her photos (not that you're bothering to read this if course... I'm sure you're just oggling her tits !)

1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo

This photo of her in her pretty red and white dress is actually my favourite... I would love to take her private with her wearing that though I suspect I'd get to to remove those tiny red panties pretty quickly to be replaced with the biggest vibrator that she has...

But fuck me she looks pretty! Definately the kind of girl you'd want to take out for a romantic evening before taking her home for a night of rampant fucking... Of course I'd want her to wear the tiniest dress possible for the evening to make the other guys jealous

1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo

I think this photo shows off the utter enormity of her breasts the best! It would be a lucky guy to actually be looking up at her from that camera angle!

Not to neglect her fantastic ass of course, so I shall end this review-ette with 5 photos that show just how fuckable her ass really is. Sadly we will never get to meet her in real but for a few dollars we can take her private and have her play out any fantasy we desire. That's not too bad is it

1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo1HottDevora Profile Photo

1HottDevora Webcam girl from LiveJasmin, Fantastic Tits, Fuckable Ass, Cute Smile

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New Website

Posted on 12/10/2009

There's loads, probably millions, of sex tube type video sites out there on the interweb but not too many that specialize in videos of webcam girls so I picked up the domain name and thought I'd try putting one together.

The design will probably totally change as will th engine running it in the near future, but it already has loads of videos of gorgous webcam girls online.

Soon I intend allowing users to upload captured videos and photos but only of webcam girls. There are plenty of other sites out there if you want to submit other niche-porn-type-stuff.

Of course i couldn't create a blog entry without some tits of some description so here you go...

This is xINESCUDNAx from LiveJasmin . If you want any more info you'll have to go to her profile on LiveJasmin or TiBOD for now...

xINESCUDNAx Profile PhotoxINESCUDNAx Profile Photo

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Cute and Ditsy Blonde LitteRedBunny from LiveJasmin spills her glass of wine!

Posted on 12/03/2009

LittleRedBunny Profile PhotoLittleRedBunny Profile Photo

Anyone looking for a fun, cute, disty and fun webcam girl? Well if you are she is the webcam girl for you!

I found her on LiveJasmin last night, lying there in her panties and bra on her sexy red bed drinking red wine! She then thought it would be cool to show us how she can balance the glass of wine on her back! Watch for yourself to see what happened

And wow - her wine was very very red! I would guess she was a bit sozzled from the wine at the time

She then had to go offline for a few minutes to clean up a bit! She then proceeded to take off her panties while lying on her back and not showing even a glypse of her pussy! Now that is clever! So of course I have to capture that for the blog too

I reckon it would be very sexy just to take her private and have her strip... though she did say that she has loads of toys to play with in private too.

She says she's from New York and from her accent I could guess that is possible. But who knows?

LittleRedBunny Profile PhotoLittleRedBunny Profile Photo

Blonde Sexy Webcam Girl - LittleRedBunny from LiveJasmin

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