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Errotica Photos: Big Breasts or Small Breasts?

Posted on 09/08/2009



I thought while I was on a roll I should try and not be lazy and post a couple more galleries...

SO here you go. Jenni is naked in an outdoor pool right near the sea, which is either photoshopped or the bluest I have ever seen the sea... She has pretty much a perfect body with perfect smallish breasts. Cute face and lovely blonde hair. Call me picky if you like, but... while she does have a lovely pussy it's a bit flappy towards the (her) bottom.

On the other hand... Cathy has mahoosive bazookas ! So if that's your cup of tea you might just prefer her! She is photographed in the shower and her pussy looks fantastic with the water from the shower splashing off it. Hey... I only looked at the photos so I could describe them to you!

Ok... maybe putting them here is just a kind of excuse, but what the hell...

Photos are © Erro (

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Errotica Photos: Nessa in Lovesack and Reflected

Posted on 09/07/2009



It's definately time for some more photos from Erro

Here's two photo sets from the model known as Nessa A rather sultry blonde, lovely long straight dark blonde hair in fact, who looks just as good in her full body shots as well as uber close ups.

No clothes here to worry about, just total nudity set on a bean bag in one photo shoot and in front of a large mirror in the other. As usual Erro pushes the Errotica/Metart boundary as far as he can with stunning photography, presumably using the largest apature he can so in the closeups there's a nice fuzzyness around her face while her pussy is in extreme focus.

Personally I find it tricky holding the camera still enough when focussing on my girlfriends pussy when we make photos. But I'll be damned if I'll let another photographer do it! So I'd better just keep practicing!

Photos are © Erro (

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MetArt Photos of Marina C.

Posted on 05/18/2009



Right... while I am more partial to the photography of Erro my girlfriend has two favourite girls from MetArt , the first is Jenya D whose photos I have already posted here and Marina C who is also one of their Top 10 models and a cutie at that...

I am mostly putting these photos here because I have been asked to do it! and anyway she has promised to write a review as soon as she can.

Photos are © MetArt (

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Errotica Photos from Erro

Posted on 05/10/2009




Some more from Erro as time won't allow me enough time to write another webcam girl review just now. The are pretty hi-res but the ones on his site are UBER hi-res ! I've just found some more of his that I can put online here from MetArt which I'll do later or I might even write another review!

Photos are © Erro (

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Errotica Photos from Erro

Posted on 05/07/2009




Due to total laziness on my part I haven't updated the site for a cople of days so here's a three photo galleries from my favourite photographer Erro . Actually, I haven't been lazy but have just had spare time

I was a member of Metart last year for a few months and downloaded every zip file I could find of Erro . He has his won site now Errotica which these photos are taken from. Hope you enjoy these photos.

Photos are © Erro (

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Finally... a couple of Hi-Res Jenya D Galleries

Posted on 05/01/2009



I've got a whole bunch of photo galleries that I need to put online here (for free of course) so I finally got off my lazy arse and wrote the photo gallery code.

Click on the photos on the left for the galleries. I'll try and add one new gallery per day to try and build up the content on the site.

Hell... I might even write the feedback code soon so you can add comments!

Photos are © MetArt (

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Five Free Frisky Foto Galleries

Posted on 04/30/2009

Gallery 1

Gorgeous blonde. I would guess these photos are quite old as I'm sure I saw them a long time ago. Of course... there must be some reason why I remember her though! 16 photos.
Gallery 2

Really sweet looking girl, the kind of girl you would take home to see your mum. Of course that is assuming she doesn't pull her pussy lips apart and then shove a dildo inside as she does here! 15 photos
Gallery 3

Sexy brunette with gorgeous long straight hair. Nice big tits, cute face and plays with a very red dildo in a couple of the piccies. 17 photos.
Gallery 4

Nice, shy looking, blonde getting naked on her sofa. keeps her stripey cardigan on, but it's ok... as it isn't done up! 17 photos.
Gallery 5

Sultry brunette undressing on her bed. Eyebrows maybe a bit too trimmed? but her pussy is trimmed perfectly (completely!) 16 photos.

Not too many photos here, but you may well find them satisfying enough. And hell... they're free!

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Two new Photo Galleries added

Posted on 04/16/2009

Well... it's been an annoying few days here as we've had no internet, apart from rather crap access using my mobile phone as a modem, so not much has happened here!

Anyway... I've quickly added a couple of New Photo Galleries to our pseudo members area .

Expect a real update here real soon...

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ImLive Photo Gallery added

Posted on 04/09/2009

Forgot to mention that I added a self hosted gallery of 360 photos from here yesterday. At the moment the main thumbnails aren't working properly but the actual sub galleries+thumbnails are.

Click here to see the ImLive Photo Gallery

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