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Yummy YummyCandy with Lovely Tits from LiveJasmin

Posted on 10/25/2009

YummyCandy19's Profile PhotosYummyCandy19's Profile Photos

My girlfriend had a massive 4 hour pvt tonight! and she kept her panties on for the entire pvt! I was a little surprised that she managed to keep her panties on and to tell you the truth a little dissappointed! So it just goes to show, sometimes guys just want to chat to a semi-naked gorgeous girl sometimes... and yep, she is gorgeous (I am a tiny bit biased of course! )

Anyway... enough of other guys getting my own girlfriend naked (sounds odd when I put it that way) and onto me looking at other naked girls...

YummyCandy19's Profile PhotosYummyCandy19's Profile Photos

Every time I've gone into YummyCandy19 's chatroom she is always smiling which is not always easy... She has lovely tits that (let's be honest) look perfect for a tit wank She doesn't say too much so I'm not sure how good her english is. It was light outside her window just now when I saw her in freechat and it's light here, so i guess she's somewhere in europe. Plus she looks eastern european anyway.

YummyCandy19's Profile PhotosYummyCandy19's Profile Photos

I thought this review that someone had added was quite funny:

She does everything listed on her page!
Super cute young girl leaves no hole untouched.

So of course i went to her page to see what she does do but didn't find anything too interesting

She does have a teaser video available so I thought I'd include it here. It's only about a minute long but does give you a good idea of what she looks like. She does have quite a large bottom, but I guess overall she is quite curvy anyway

She looks just like a girl-next-door (if you lived in russia or somewhere anyway) which is what I like most about webcam models ... being able to get a girl naked and get nasty with some toys who wouldn't dream of ever becoming an escort or stripper . Maybe her boyfriend has no idea about her job at all or maybe he quite likes it like me

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Livejasmin Freechat Blowjob from JamesAndNaomi

Posted on 10/20/2009

You may have read that recently I found out that LiveJasmin allows Full Nudity in Freechat . That was quite an eye opener to to me I cani tell you Well... the other day I was seeing who was online and found Naomi from jamesandnaomi

giving James (or whatever the fuck their real names are) a Blowjob in Freechat !

JamesAndNaomi Profile PhotoJamesAndNaomi Profile Photo

I'm not quite sure what the rules are as far as what they can and can't do in Freechat , so I'm not sure if this was a mistake or if they meant to do it in the hope that one of the wankers who was watching would take them private and want something more!

The guy looks a bit like he's asleep. Either way I think he got the best deal here!

Their profile seems quite empty but I'm not sure if they're new performers or not. I know I will be checking JamesAndNaomi often to checkout their FreeChat in the future

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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LiveJasmin(AWE) XML Feed Decoder

Posted on 10/12/2009

If any webmasters out there want a simple plug'n'play solution to embedding models profile data and photos in your webpages, including being able to define a favourites list, you might be interested in this script.

A simple demo is running on LiveBunnyGirls where it is displaying a who's online now photo grid. You may use the script in any number of PHP pages and with as many different templates as you need. You have the full data from a model's profile available to you, including photos. The templates use the Smarty template engine.

Read the full description here or see other ways you can use it here

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Ultimate CamGirl Babe from

Posted on 10/09/2009

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

I found this webcam girls site today when she requested a link to her site from mine. Her site is really cool, loads of info about her and lots of sexy naked photos . I'm pretty sure she won't mind me posting some smaller versions here for some extra exposure

As well as working on a variety of sites (some I hadn't even heard of) she also does independant work which means she'll get naked and give you a private sex show using an instant messenger like skype This is a win-win sitation for her and us punters really. We get much cheaper show compared with using a mainstream webcam sex site and she earns more money as she gets all the money.

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

from her site...

Love almost anything, starting from playing with my toys in all holes i have , and going up to role plays in my outfits and all kind of festishes

Now thats my kind of naughty webcam girl ! She does have gorgeous dark eyes that look great with her long sleep dark hair. I'm also quite partial to her little landing strip . My girlfriend has tried that a few times rather than being 100% shaved and it's quite sexy...

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

I'm finding it a bit difficult to concentrate right now as my girlfriend has just taken her panties off for a guy in a private Once you get over the fact that thousands of guys will see your girlfriend naked it's actually quite cool! It may only be work for her but I actually find it quite a turn on


from her contact page

If you don t wanna use one of my links to register as a member on the sites i work on , u can always write me email and set up a show appointament with me, we can use few different payment methodes and we can have our time on yahoo , eyeball or msn ...

She also mentions offering a free phone in addition to webcam no matter where you are. I've never used the phone with a webcam girl before but I'm sure it would make the whole experience that much more intimate.

Even better though is that she offers to make your own custom photos and videos ! I have a few thoughts running round my head at the moment of what I might like to get her to wear and do in the photos!

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

So you could seek her out on ImLive or the other sites that she works on, but personally I would just go straight to her contact page and get in direct contact. Much more sexy anyway...

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Smoking Hot Free Show from Webcam Girl CristalCrown

Posted on 10/08/2009

I wanted top write something about a new webcam girl on my blog today but couldn't think of any models I really wanted to write about. So... I had a look through who was online on LiveJasmin . Lucky for me CristalCrown was lying there in her freechat wearing nothing more than a brite pink dress slash top made of see-thru fishnet stocking type stuff.

CristalCrown PhotoCristalCrown Photo

Now I'm not going to say she's one of the most attractive webcam girls I've ever seen because she's not, but sometimes nudity can make a girl just look better! (and of course blood rushing away from your brain!) You could already see where her pubes would have been if she hadn't shaved, the top of her pussy lips

and her nipples through her dress and then a very odd thing happened... Guys started sending her surprises (which are tips) and she gave a naked free chat show!! Of course it would be unfair of me not to have captured this! So here is a short clip...

Tip: if you don't chat with girls in freechat without actually becoming a member then every few minutes you get kicked out of freechat which can be a bit inconvenient sometimes!

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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Tartan Slutty Schoolgirl: ILikeDeep

Posted on 10/07/2009

I noticed her on today when she was dancing on her bed, flicking her cute little tartan schoolgirl skirt in the air and playing with her white top. I made a quick recording that I should post here too.

Unfortunately she didn't chat with anyone in the room, so I can only guess she was chatting to someone on some other site. Shame... so I'll have to try and find her again sometime. Create a Free Account on

and then you can add her to your Favourites List

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

She's pretty cute little webcam girl isn't she? But don't worry, she's not so shy! From these first two photos you might be mistaken for thinking that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth

and I'm pretty sure it would, but I know what I would rather she had in her mouth

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

Her little ass looks fantastic half covered by her short tartan skirt and her pussy does look good enough to eat (or at least lick anyway) Even with her legs spread far apart her pussy lips look as tight as ever.

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

Here she is all oiled up and ready to go! It's a real shame that I didn't get to see the end of her amazing dissappearing panty trick ! As I'm sure she managed to push those panties completely inside her pussy. I watched my gf do it once while working, quite impressive!

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

Often girls fake pushing their toys inside themselves and most of the time we don't notice or care but there's no faking going on in these last 2 photos. If she can let go of the toy and it stays in... then it must be in!

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

I do love to see a girl doggie style with a cute tartan skirt surrounding her ass...

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

Posted by | tags brunette tartan schoolgirl | Posted on 10/07/2009 Webcam Girl SinfulSeduction Video

Posted on 10/02/2009

I know absolutely nothing about this girl SinfulSeduction apart from the fact that she looks sexylicious (sorry... I went all Austin Powers there for a second) in this 5 minute video of her toying with her naked body and that I would rather like to cum on her lovely tits too crude!?!?

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More Amusing Sexual Fantasies

Posted on 10/01/2009


Here's some more funny sexual fantasies captured from real requests from around the web... I thought that this time I'd also try and add some photos that relate to them, well some of them anyway! Not too easy finding photos for all of these!

put a mobile or cell or other phone fully up inside your ass

Who likes to see me play with my big and chubby belly? I like to jiggle my fat for you.


humiliate my lil 2 inch cock. slap me around and call me susan

Looking for a hot girl that has some big balloons and isn`t afraid to blow them up really big till they pop. You wanna pop for me?

A girl who her bf left her because she`s a goody two shoes.She was so pissed off,that she take a revenge by becoming the nastiest slut of the city,smoking,drinking and fucking to saw him what he lost

put a banana, no skin in ass and then eat it


Looking for a girl who will rip her shirt apart for me, totally destroying it. Dont have anything under, so that your tits bounce out wild and free.

smoke and lick the ash out of your hand

I love Enhanced breasts and love to talk about them. Nothing turns me on more than a beautiful woman with big beautiful breasts full of silicone or saline. If you have implants give me a shout!

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